How to Build a Website to Host Your Podcast

Host my podcast with WordPressIn most cases, you will need a website to host your podcast. I recommend you use WordPress. WordPress is one of the leading blogging platforms available that supports podcasting through the use of plugins that allow you to post your episodes and make them available on iTunes if you want.

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Step 1: Register your Domain and Signup for Hosting

First thing you’ll need to do is register you domain name or URL.  This is the web address where your new WordPress blog and podcast will live.  I recommend Bluehost to register your domain.  Specifically, because they offer great products, support and uptime. Furthermore, their Control Panel is very intuitive vs. other registrars and you’ll thank me later for this!

Hosting provides server space for you to store all your WordPress blog files and podcast episodes. This includes the php and css files that drive WordPress plus the MySQL database and other applications required to actually make WordPress operate.

Again, I recommend Bluehost for WordPress hosting because the service and products are top of the line for the price.  When you register, sign up for a 2-year hosting package and you’ll get tons of extra products that other hosting companies try to charge extra for such as email account and extra storage space.

Step 2: Install WordPress

Next you need to install WordPress. The simplest way to do this is to use the self-install scripts that come with Bluehost. From your control panel just click on the WordPress Icon in the SimpleScripts section and follow the step-by-step instructions. It’s really pretty straightforward.

Bluehost provides a program which makes it very easy to install WordPress to the root of your site or to a subdirectory.

1. Navigate to the Software / Services section inside cPanel. Click the Simple Scripts icon. This will display the page where the third party scripts can be installed from.

2. Click on WordPress.

install wordpress blog in bluehost

3. Click the Install Now button.

install wordpress in bluehost to host your podcast

4. Select the version to install and the domain name to install it to. You can enter a subfolder such as ‘blog’ or leave it blank if you want the site’s main page to be the blog.

set wordpress installation preferences

5. Click on the Advanced Options.

advanced option for wordpress installation

6. Give your site a name or tagline, describing the site. Uncheck the box which says ‘Generate a random Administrator Username and password’. Enter a username and a password which are different that your cPanel login information.

choose wordpress blog name and password

7. Read through the license and service agreements and check the boxes. Select the ‘Complete’ button.

check off legal info for wordpress installation

Step 3: Get a WordPress Theme

WordPress comes with one standard theme but you can import new themes to give your site a more custom look and feel to your blog.  It could be something fancy or maybe you prefer something more minimalist.  In any case there are 1,000 of themes to choose from – both free and premium.

I have two favorite themes right now for someone who has limited programming skills but wants a theme that is dynamic and easy to customize.

You can also find plenty of WordPress themes available to choose from for free directly within the WordPress Admin section in the Appearance > Themes tab.

Step 4: Install a Podcasting Plugin

You’ll need a podcasting plugin to properly display your podcast episodes so visitors can play the MP3 files you attach to your blog posts.

Follow the instructions provided by these the plugins and you’ll be good to go.

I also use Mobile Podcaster as a means to record and publish my podcast directly to iTunes from my iPad or iPhone.


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