How to Find and Add Local Google Plus Users to your Circles and Grow your Social Network

Searching for and adding local Google Plus users to your Circles can be a time consuming process, but I’ve come up with a solution to make it easier.

I’ll use my “Cville” circle for local Charlottesville Google Plus users as an example.

1. Share your local Google Plus Circle with your followers.

Go to Circles and click on the local Google Plus circle you want to share. Then click on “Share this Circle” in the upper right hand corner. Share it publicly or within a given circle of followers. Now everyone will be able to see your Circle and they may follow these people if they choose.

share google plus circle


2. Publish a new Post on Google Plus asking your followers to share their local Circle.

Say something like this: “Please share your local Google Plus Circle with us. I would like to find new local people to follow and by sharing your Circle we can all get the most out of Google Plus on a local level. Go to Circle, click on the Circle you want to share and then click on ‘Share this Circle'”.

Share my local Google Plus Circle

Hopefully, some people will now start to share their local Google Plus circles, like some of my friends, Jim DuncanDaniel Rothamel, & Kari Rippetoe,

Follow another users Google Plus Circle


3. Add their Circle to your Circle or create a new one

When someone else shares their local Circle and you see it in a new Google Plus post, click on the “Add Circle” option in the middle of the image within their post.  A popup will appear. If you want to create a new Circle from their Circle, spell out a unique name in the blank box and click “Create a new Circle”.

create a new circle in google plus from another users circle

If you wan to add these people to an existing circle, spell out the same name of your exising Circle in the blank box and the option below will magically change to “Add to xyz Circle” (xyz meaning the name of the Google Circle you already have setup.)

Add someone elses google plus users to existing circle

Go through this process enough times and your Circles will grow pretty quickly.

Cool huh? Tell me how this goes.

Please leave a comment below or on Twitter @steinarknutsen.


  • Dave Shockley

    Steinar for some reason it will not let me share my group.  I click on share and when it comes up I type in a comment then try to click on Share and nothing happens.

  • Who are you sharing it with? Try only sharing it with one of your Circles – not Public.