How to FTP Upload Your Podcast Episode to Libsyn from Your iPhone with Mobile Podcaster

Podcasting with Mobile Podcaster is even better now with version 1.4, which allows you to upload your podcast episodes to Libsyn via FTP. You may also upload via FTP to any other FTP accounts you have access to, but in this post we’ll specifically address Libsyn.

Why Should I Host My Podcast Recordings on Libsyn?

Uploading your podcast episodes to Libsyn is a great choice for several reasons:

  • Since the audio files are hosting on Libsyn, you don’t have to worry about a surge in playback activity bogging down your server.
  • Libsyn is specifically dedicated to hosting and streaming podcast audio, so you can depend on them to provide the best listening experience to your listeners.
  • Libsyn is affordably priced, whereas hosting a podcast on your own web host may get very expensive rather quickly.

How Does Mobile Podcaster Upload to Libsyn Work?

With Mobile Podcaster, you may either upload your recordings to Libsyn and deal with them later, or you can choose to do an FTP / WordPress Combo and create a WordPress post that references your file on Libsyn at the same time. This is a huge timesaver and an extremely efficient way to immediately get your audio online and ready for distribution.

Every Libsyn account comes with FTP upload capability. You can read more about it on the Libsyn Help Desk.

The FTP account server address for uploading new episodes to Libsyn account is The showname is the same as the show slug you chose for your show when setting up your show on Libsyn. For example, The Mobile Podcaster slug and show name is mobilepodcaster.

When you upload your recording to this FTP address, it is publicly available to reference, but does not create an actual podcast episode. Instead, you’ll want to reference it in a new blog post, such as with WordPress. The address for the new file is For example, if I upload my-file.mp3 to the Mobile Podcaster Libsyn account, it can be referenced at

The Mobile Podcaster app takes all of this into consideration when uploading to Libsyn and/or creating your WordPress post to embed your recording hosted on Libsyn.

Steps to Upload Podcast Episode to Libsyn via FTP

To upload to Libsyn, you first need setup your FTP account in Mobile Podcaster. Go to Settings > FTP Accounts and click on the “+”  icon in the upper-right corner. You’ll need to provide:

  • FTP Account Name (this is just for your own records)
  • FTP Account Server Address
  • FTP Account Username
  • FTP Account Password
  • FTP Public URL Address (required for Libsyn)

Next, proceed to record your episode on Mobile Podcaster as usual. When you are ready to publish, click on the blue arrow to the right of the episode and then click on the share icon in the top-right corner to share.

You have several options when sharing, but the two you want in this case are either Upload via FTP only or FTP / WordPress Combo.

1. Upload via FTP only

To upload your audio via FTP only, select this option. This assumes you have already setup an FTP account in the FTP Account settings section of the main Settings options. Choosing this option just uploads your recording to an FTP destination and nothing else. In our example, it will upload your file to your Libsyn account public folder.

Congratulations, your recording is now on Libsyn. To see your recording, login to your Libsyn account and browse Previous Posts. If you click to view the details of the most recent post, you’ll see the Direct Download Link, which you’re free to reference as you wish, such as in a blog post on your website.

2. FTP / WordPress Combo

To upload your audio via FTP and create a new blog post on your WordPress site at the same time, chose this option. This assumes you have already setup an FTP account in the FTP Account settings section of the main Settings options. Once you choose this option, select a WordPress site in which you would like to create your blog post. If your site is not listed, return to the main Settings page and add your site.

Next, select the FTP Account. Click Upload and wait for the progress indicator to stop. You will receive a popup confirmation that the upload was successfully completed.

Congratulations, your recording is now on Libsyn and you should see your new blog post in your WordPress dashboard referencing the recording on Libsyn.

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