How to generate inbound links with videos for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s discuss how to generate inbound links with videos for search engine optimization (SEO). Most folks don’t understand how video seo works and once you do, it can serve as a powerful means for driving traffic to your site.

Let’s use YouTube as an example.  Here are the steps to optimize your video for inbound links (or backlinks).

  1. Use you keywords in the Title (1st words if possible)
  2. Use your keywords in the description
  3. Use your keywords in the tags (use dashes to keep phrases whole; e.g., “real-estate-strategies”)
  4. Put your url as the very first item in your description. For example, “htttp://”.  You must include “http” to make the link active.
  5. Set up a Google Alert for your video title to see the the video spread and inbound links proliferate.
PRO TIP: Instead of uploading directly to YouTube, sign up for a free account at TubeMogul, which will syndicate your video to dozens of the leading video sharing sites.

For a good example, check out my Construction Site video on YouTube (over 250,000 views) or watch this quick tutorial on videos seo strategies:

What do you think?  If you’re publishing video will this help generate inbound links?

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