How to Make Money Online with the ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Program

What is ClickBank?

Clickbank is an affiliate program network that offers products from individual developers, like you and me. You can find software, ebooks, or video and audio courses on Clickbank. Clickbank commission rates are much higher than other affiliate programs … usually in the 40% – 60% range and up to 75% in some cases.

Clickbank is based on a system where merchants create sales pages that affiliates link to. Because most merchants only have one product, you don’t have the standard plethora of creative links and banner ads to choose from. That’s OK though because you’re only linking to one page.

To find products to sell on Clickbank you want to search the Marketplace by category or keyword. Products with a higher Gravity score are the best selling / highest paying products.

How do I setup ClickBank?

Visit Clickbank to setup your affiliate account.

How do I display ClickBank links?

Displaying Clickbank links on your website is a little different than other programs. Clickbank uses what they call a HopLink referral tracking URL. For example, once you find a product you want to promote, you create a link with this format:

This approach is simple enough but the one caveat is that you have to create your own graphics if you want to display any banner ads.

Affiliate Marketing Field Guide

Affiliate Marketing Field Guide

Some merchants provide banner ads, but it’s not handled through Clickbank and it’s pretty rare that they’ll go the extra mile to do so. For banner ads I recommend you take a screen shot of the sales page and crop it accordingly. Mac users should use Skitch and Windows users should use Snagit.

How do I get paid?

Clickbank installs a 60 days tracking cookie on browsers for those people that click on your links. If they purchase the product you’re promoting within that window of time, you get credit for the sale. Clickbank notifies you immediately. Once your balance exceeds the $25 minimum, you get paid.

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