How to post status updates to your Facebook Page

You have a Facebook Page for your business and now it’s time to post a status update. It’s seems rather straightforward but there are some strategies to make the most from this important process. For most people status updates are at the heart of communicating on Facebook so you want to understand how to do it well.

First, I recommend you post original thought in your updates. Don’t just regurgitate someone else’s words. Add something new to the conversation. For example, if you’re linking to a news article, add a question for your readers to consider and potentially answer. This is a great way to bring out the human side of your brand and encourage engagement.

Second, when posting a link, Facebook will automatically pull the Title and Description meta data from the target content. By clicking on these items, you can customize them for better impact and understanding. Occasionally, the meta data Facebook pulls in is complete garbage so this feature can be a real lifesaver.

Finally, take the time to explore the customization options available in your post targeting. You can select to whom the post is visible based on geography and gender. If it makes sense, target your posts to these audiences – the extra effort could have tremendous benefit.

What tactics have you found successful when posting to your Facebook Page?

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  • Jim Harshaw

    I’d say that learning from you the importance that Facebook places on various media- video over pictures over text- has been helpful.

  • Thanks Jim – as someone who actually produces video, I’m sure you’re finding it helpful!