How to share photos on your Facebook Page Wall

Now that you have a Facebook Page and your business is ready to start sharing content with your fans, I recommend you consider pictures, photos, and other graphics in your status updates. These items are filtered with greater preference by Facebook on your fans’ news feed. In other words, they are given priority over text updates and links so your fans have a better chance of seeing them.

To share a photo on your Facebok Page Wall, click on the “Photo” in the Share section and either upload a single photo, snap a picture with your webcam or upload a series of photos into an album. Provide a meaningful description in either case, including a description for each individual photo in an album. You can also tag people or other Facebook Pages in your photos to begin sharing immediately.

In some cases a photograph might not make sense and you would like to share something from your desktop or website. Two great tools I recommend for this type of image screen capture are Skitch for the Mac or SnagIt for Windows. Both applications allow you to take a screenshot of a portion of your screen, save that image to your computer, which you may then share on Facebook. Very cool!

How are you creatively sharing photos and other images on your Facebook Page?

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