How to submit a new version of your app using XCode 4

This week Apple approved my new iPhone app, Mobile Podcaster. The process took 12 days from original submission to final approval and my app is now “Read for Sale.” Of course, I have been improving my app in the meantime so once the app was approved I already had a new version to submit. Sound familiar?

Here’s the process to submit a new version of your iOS app using Xcode 4 and iTunes Connect:

1. Open your iTunes Connect account, click on your product and select Add New Version. Fill out all the details of the new version, particularly the new version number which must match that of your new app submission from Xcode. Here’s your chance to modify your app’s description metadata (description, keywords, etc) and upload new screenshots.

Once you complete this step, your app is now Ready for Upload.

2. Open your project in Xcode and clean your target. Cmd-Option-Shift-K will do the trick. You should also delete the derived data cache, which can be found in Organizer > Projects.

delete derived data in xcode organizer

3. Go to the Build Settings and find Code Signing Identity field. Change the Release identity to your iOS Distribution. This is probably already set correctly based on your initial distribution but it’s good to double check.

xcode code signing setting for app distribution

4. Update the Bundle Version field in your Info.plist to the new version number you used in iTunes Connect.

5. Build > Archive your target. Remember to choose iOS Device in the Active Scheme Setting. The Archive option will be greyed out if you still have one of the Simulators selected.

archive ios app in xcode 4

6. Organizer should pop-up … click Validate.

7. Once your app has validated, click Submit. Your app will now have a status in iTunes Connect of Waiting for Review.

That’s it – you should be good to go!


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