How to write a blog post every day

Blogging is a productive means to communicate with readers online. For most bloggers the process is a fun way to inform others, stay on top of their subject matter, and drive traffic to their website.

The challenge with. Logging of course is the consistent need to create more content. Thus, many find it difficult to come up with new ideas or topics for their posts.

You are not alone. I struggle with this myself. I’ve have this blog for 8 years, many of which I did not post a single article. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, but rather it’s the lack of time and motivation to blog. Yep, sometimes I just don’t feel like writing.

When you are passionate about something, it’s easier to blog. When you’re trying to get someone’s attention it’s easier to blog. But that’s not always the case and sometimes we’re just cruising along without the need to do either of these things.

For many years my blog’s mission was to educate others and drive traffic to my site. My goal was to establish myself an an authority on digital marketing and ultimately get new customers. I was very successful during this time.

But now my blog lacks purpose. I’ve closed down my business and no longer need the traffic and clients I once needed. If I want to continue blogging I need a new purpose otherwise I’ll never continue writing here.

My point is if you want to write every day you have to define your mission, vision and goals for your site. Write them down. I know I will. And when I have in the past, my bog has done very well.

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