Increase Your Social Media Efficiency (Video)

Social media is more popular than ever and serves as a valuable channel for people and companies to connect and engage online. As we learn the power of these tools, we often get overwhelmed with the thought of visiting each individual site to update our followers and engage in conversation on a regular basis. Worse, many fail to understand the true power of syndication and the opportunity to leverage RSS feeds to broaden your reach with social media networks.

For me it boils down to “Say it Once” and let the network manage the rest. The tools are there and it’s just a matter of connecting the networks to increase your efficiency. You’ll thank me later.

Topics Covered:

  • Multiple social media networks
  • Connecting your networks
  • Say it once
  • Use the right tools
  • Team approach
  • Balanced communication
  • Continuous learning

What are your thoughts?  What are you doing to become more efficient with social media?  Anything I missed?

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