iPhone 4S and Siri Impact on Productivity

Apple 4S Siri scheduling calendar itemLast week Apple launched their latest phone, the iPhone 4S. Included with this phone came some amazing software called Siri. I’m using Siri right now to write this blog.

The technology behind Siri is nothing new. The system is powered by a popular dictation software company called new Nuance.

Nuance produces great software for the desktop and mobile applications. Some popular titles include Dragon Dictate, MacSpeech, and Dragon Dictation for the iPhone. These programs have gained popularity over the years because of their accuracy and ease of use.

What is unique about Siri is that it is further integrated into the core functionality of the iPhone. So, for example, I can pull up my contacts using voice commands and even move calendar items around just by telling my phone what to do. Siri also has an intelligent connection to Google and the Wolfram Alpha search engine so that I can ask reference questions and do Google searches just by asking a question.

Siri is being positioned in the market as your personal assistant. I think the impact on business owners will be noticeable for those that use Siri on a regular basis. The beauty is that you can do quick Google searches and administrative tasks while on the run.

There should also be an impact on Google search results and the nature in which people find information online. If you are a website owner or manager you might want to review your web traffic analytics over the course of the next few months to understand Siri visitors.

What do you think? Will Siri make a difference?

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