iPhone Poised to Snap Up More Business Users?

Below is an interesting article from Fast Company on the growth of iPhone share among business users.

I use both the Blackberry and iPhone for business and they each have unique strengths and weaknesses.  My gut tells me that Apple will continue to grow market share with outstanding customer service, ease-of-use, and the ever-growing app store on iTunes.

More iPhone business applications are coming online and it’s just a matter of time before we see significant growth in this segment.  On the flip side, marketers that have yet to explore building applications of there own should strongly consider this channel as a powerful method to build market share and loyalty.

When you think of corporate smartphones, you tend to think almost automatically of RIM’s BlackBerrys–they’re solid, reliable, iconic, successful and have sewn up something like 40% of that market. The iPhone, with its glossy looks, high-tech allure, reputation as a gaming and entertainment platform and relatively high unit costs isn’t something you’d necessarily associate with a corporate environment.

via iPhone Poised to Snap Up More Business Users? | Technomix | Fast Company.

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