LinkedIn is Top Social Media Channel for B2B Marketers

linkedin b2b marketing channelLinkedIn is the smallest and oldest of the big 5 social media platforms, yet is surprisingly the preferred social media marketing channel among B2B marketers according to a recent study by Safefrog Marketing Greoup.

Survey respondents often cite LinkedIn as the top social media site for B2B marketers, but others put Facebook and Twitter above the business-minded social network. According to Sagefrog Marketing Group, in summer 2011, 58% of US B2B marketers that used social media used LinkedIn, compared to 50% for Facebook and 43% for Twitter.

via More B2B Marketers Embrace Social Media Efforts – eMarketer

LinkedIn is great for B2B Marketers for several reasons:

1) LinkedIn is based on your professional business resume, so folks on LinkedIn are in a business frame of mind.  Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, are more personal in nature.

2) LinkedIn puts business in the forefront with robust business profile pages.  Businesses can upload their logo and fill out  a thorough description of their product or service.  Employees can link their individual LinkedIn profiles to the corporate profile, providing a great system to network B2B relationships.

3) LinkedIn Groups offer a great environment to share ideas and resources among your peers, customers, prospects and other parties that either currently do business with you or would like to engage in some level of business related discussion.

This is just three reasons, but the list goes on. Are you using LinkedIn as a marketing channel for your business?  What’s working for you?

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