Looking for a low-cost email marketing solution

Q: I’m driving initial leadgen operations for a European enterprise software vendor starting up in the US. I have a starter list of prospects, email copy, a landing page, and someone to create an html mailer. What I need is a low-cost way of getting the mailing out that doesn’t require me to spend a week learning how to get the job done. via LinkedIn Answers

Aweber is my preferred platform and you can start for as little as $10 per month. Hopefully, the leads you’re generating will translate into revenue which will more than pay for the service.

Aweber is great in that it’s relatively intuitive, has great Spam protection, and is highly scalable and customizable. It has a step-by-step process that guides you through setup and if you get stuck, there’s a great customer support and user community to help answer questions.

Spam protection is the greatest reason I prefer Aweber. They use 100’s of IP’s to cut down on returned mail and have apparently made agreements with leading email providers to protect all parties involved. When building your messages they provide a Spam score so you can reduce the chances of being flagged, which is also helpful.

Customization includes ability to send HTML or text, personalize your messages to user name (and other variables), autoreponders (either single or sequential), and ability to set up multiple lists within a single account. You can also integrate pay systems such as PayPal into Aweber so that as customers buy from you, they become a member of your list.

There are other solutions available and for less, but Aweber has proven the easiest and provided the great ROI in my opinion.

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