Mobile Podcaster Version 1.2 for iPad Now Available

mobile podcaster ipad iphone app to podcast with wordpressWe are pleased to announce the release of Mobile Podcaster for iPad. Mobile Podcaster (v1.2) lets you record podcast episodes from your iPad and publish directly to WordPress.

This approach saves you significant time vs. traditional forms to podcasting because there is no need to manually edit and move audio files. Mobile Podcaster uploads the audio from your iOS device directly to your WordPress site, eliminating the need for manual FTP transfer or other forms of uploads to your server.

And because the files are on your WordPress site, you can now use a plugin, such as BluBrry Powerpress to display the media player and publish your podcast to iTunes. No other iOS podcasting apps let you do this because the audio resides on their server. This is very important if you want people to find and listen to your podcast – you really need to find on iTunes and this is the way to do it from your iPad or iPhone.

Get the latest version of Mobile Podcaster . . .

Using Mobile Podcaster is easy to use:

Step 1: Enable XML-RPC on you blog (or purchase the Space Upgrade if you’re using
Step 2: Record your podcast and give it a name, description, category and more
Step 3: Click Upload to instantly create a new blog post and upload the audio.

In no time, you can podcast from anywhere and anytime without the hassle.

And Mobile Podcaster let’s you load a ton of default settings, so you each time you record, you just give your episode a new name and description. Everything is automated, yet fully customizable when you need to make adjustments.

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