Monetize your blog by creating and selling a digital product online

create a product to sell on your blogCreating a digital information product is the easiest first step toward monetizing your blog.  It’s also one of the most profitable vs. advertising and affiliate marketing.  Of course there are exceptions.

You may already have a good collection of content on your blog and it may just be a matter of repurposing that content and creating an ebook, an audio recording or a series of videos to package together into a cohesive product that readers can download for a fee.

… the biggest monetizing problem people face if they have a great relationship with their readers is they don’t know how to sell them something without turning them off.

via Lesson #10: Have Something to Sell (without losing your readers) | Copyblogger.

My goal this week is to brainstorm a few ideas for a product, identify content that I can repurpose, research my website visitor statistics for clues and put together a product I can have available for sale by Sunday night.  I expect it will be a good mix of text, audio and video.

Have you created a product for sale on your site?  How is that going?  Any advice for folks just getting started with there first product?

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