My first blog post from the iPad 3G

So, I’ve had my iPad 3G for a couple hours and thought it was only appropriate to kick things off with a blog post using the WordPress app. Actually I already posted a couple videos on YouTube, including the Fedex delivery man dropping off my iPad and another video of the all important unboxing.

I’m an avid Apple user so the iPad is really a very logical extension of my regular workflow. I especially like the ability to boot up immediately and get straight to work vs. waiting for my Macbook to warm up.  Plus the battery lasts up to 10 hours so it’s great in terms of working in remote locations and while on the go.

I’m most interested in the productivity elements of the iPad. Quick access, remote computing, connectivity to my home desktop. With 3G access, I’ll be able to do this literally from the highway. Plus if I need to show something online to a client in a pinch, it’s much faster and impressive to do so on the iPad vs the iPhone or MacBook.

Some of the apps I’m starting with include WordPress, Twitteriffic and Audio Boo. These allow me to publish text and audio based blog posts and engage folks on Twitter. With MobileMe and Safari, I can quickly find and share content online using in my bookmarks. It’s really a great experience.

So, that’s it for now. How are you using your iPad?  What business apps do you recommend?

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