My fist QR Code – scan this into your phone

If you’re not familiar with QR codes, they are an increasingly popular method of sharing information similar to a bar code. Users with a smartphone can focus their camera on this code and the QR code software will save the information behind the code on their phone.

In this case, it’s my URL, but it could be your contact info or any number of attributes.

Want to create your own QR code and track clicks?

  1. Create a short link at
  2. Copy the the bitly link and paste into a new browser tab or window
  3. Add “.qr” to the end and there’s your new QR code!
  4. Now, right click to download or save your QR code image.

Looking for a QR scanning app for your phone?  Here are some sources I found:

I’m already starting to see QR codes on packaging and websites. What do you think? Are QR codes here to stay?

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