My Foursquare Check-Ins on Google Maps

This is pretty cool.  You can map your FourSquare check-ins on a Google Map.

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To map your check-ins on Google Maps:
1) Login to Foursquare
2) Go to
3) Copy  the KLM link url
4) Paste it into the Google Maps search bar and hit enter

That’s it – enjoy!

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  • This is very cool. Thanks for sharing it Steinar.

  • Thanks Bill. Some great implications for business use. Currently setting this up for a clients that embarking on a 29 day trip across the country.

  • Check out for another option. I find the UI much nicer than Google Maps.

  • I love your blog… always such useful and cool information. I LOVED seeing all my check-ins mapped out on Google Maps. Thanks!

  • Steinar

    Thanks Todd. I’m discovering a bunch of cool FourSquare tools out there and will add this to my list.

  • Thanks Kellie. Glad you like it!