My New Video Introduction for New Site Media

I do a lot of video – some for this blog and some for my company at New Site Media.  I’ve tried a variety of video introductions using some of the preconfigured transitions in iMovie but thought it was time to get a little creative and make my own from scratch.  I considered using Fiverr for a minute, but knew I could create my own in about 30 minutes.

To create my intro I used a combination of Photoshop, Keynote and iMovie.

First, I separated the elements of my logo in Photoshop.  Specifically, I created a standalone image of the red box portion of my logo.

Next, I recreated the text portion of my logo in Keynote and imported the red box as an image.  I also created the black line as a separate image in Keynote.  When I was finished, I had four distinct elements.

Using the Build Inspector in Keynote I created a series of Build-in effects for the four components.

  • “New Site” is set to Move In
  • The line is set to Pop
  • “Media” is set to Typewriter
  • Red Box is set to Anvil

Each Build element is set at 1 second intervals to automatically transition through the series to complete the entire build.

keynote build for custom video introduction

Next, I recorded the presentation in Keynote using the builds, and exported the presentation as a Quicktime Movie including the recorded transitions.

Then  started a new project in iMovie and dragged the .mov file into the new project.  I added a couple sounds and that’s it!

imovie custom video introduction with sound

Now I have a unique video intro I can use on all my future videos.

What do you think?  Let me know if you need help doing something similar.


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