New Facebook Comments in WordPress

Facebook just released an exciting new set of code to embed Facebook Comments in your website.

You’ll need a Facebook Application ID, so first setup your app at the Facebook Developers Center.

Then, head over to the Facebook Comments Social Plugin Page to get the code for your Comments.

Here it is in action. (Hint: Leave a Comment!)

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  • Shonuff

    Very cool.

  • Yeah, folks (businesses mostly) are pretty anxious to integrate Facebook wherever possible and it just keeps getting easier.

  • Not to bad if you are just wanting to use facebook comments on your site. Pretty cool.

  • Hey RJ – TechCrunch just made the switch and others are following suit. Should help reduce spam and other anonymous comments.

  • Alison

    Interesting how you’ve kept the Disqus comments on also. Do you think you’ll keep both options or will you remove Disqus?


  • I only put the Facebook Comments on this individual post as an example. I don’t plan to implement them throughout the site. I prefer Disqus because it’s more user friendly on the mobile version of my site.


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