Not Seeing all your Friends or Pages on your Facebook Wall?

With the latest Facebook update, there was a little talked about change that you may be impacting you Wall.

To make sure you can see all your friends or Pages on your Facebook Wall, visit your Wall and scroll all the way down to the bottom.

Click on “Edit Options”

Facebook setting edit options

Now choose to show posts from “All your friends and pages”

Facebook settings to show all posts

All better now.

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  • Ellenwpratt

    Facebook continues to make me crazy with this. I have the ‘Older Posts’ link but not the ‘Edit Options’. Sometimes my posts show up on the Newsfeed page and more often they don’t. Frustrating!

  • Keep scrolling – it will eventually show up at the bottom

  • Thx, Steinar! Great tip, as usual. I was wondering what happened…