Now broadcasting live from Ustream (Audio)

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In this audio post I discuss and the new opportunities available to reach your market in a new and exciting way through video.

Ustream has been around for years but many businesses have yet to grasp the potential.  Basically, Ustream offers the ability to broadcast live video over the Internet in a controlled, yet open platform.  Viewers may interact through a closed chat feature or through the new built-in Twitter feed.  Live broadcasts may be recorded and saved for future playback.

Obviously, the implications of this are huge in terms of market reach and differentiation for your business.  Consumers are ready for this new media and comfortable consuming content in this manner – think of it as a real-time version of YouTube.  Of course, if you’re not comfortable creating video in the first place, this may be quite a leap in terms of confidence and risk.  The key is to get started today and practice.  It will get easier – trust me.

I’ll leave with the final thought.  Video creates a personal touch with your market.  If any of you have ever “finally met someone in real-life” after chatting with them on Twitter, then you can appreciate this.  People want to see, talk and interact with others beyond text based methods.  If that makes sense to you, then I encourage you to push your comfort zone and leverage Ustream (or YouTube) to take things to the next level.  You’ll be glad you did.

What are your thoughts?  Is streaming video something that would help you communicate with your market?  Are consumers ready for this?

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