Online Video to Soon Replace TV?

I watched my first Hulu show on my Mac last week … on my TV at home.  The connection was quite straightforward and the experience was terrific.  I can easily see how watching TV over the Internet will only continue to grow.  The following stats support that idea and it’s only going to grow from here.

Americans continue to tune into the Internet for video, with a record 28 billion videos viewed in October and 84.4 percent of U.S. Internet users viewing video online in October.

Reston-based comScore says the average video viewer watched 10.8 hours of video last month, or an average of 167 videos per user.

via Online video viewing reaches 10.8 hours per month – Washington Business Journal:

I was also impressed with quality of YouTube videos, which got me thinking about Apple TV.  After some research, however, I’m not sold on Apple TV yet – the main issue being that you cannot pass over-the-air signals through the device and treat it as a Tivo of sorts.

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