3 Reasons to Comment on 5 Blog Posts Per Day

commenting on blog posts

Creating your own unique content is well known as the best method to drive traffic to your website and share your knowledge on a given topic.  It should not be considered work.  Think is it more as an outlet for you to discuss what you’ve learned lately or explore a new topic in depth. Another […] Read more »

The Future of the URL Shortener and All Those Links We Are Creating

Everyone is getting into the URL shortening game these days. Google, YouTube, and Facebook are just a few joining the likes of the established players such as Bit.ly. And now Microsoft is jumping in. But there’s something weird about their URL. via Fa.il: Bing’s URL Shortener Is Longer Than Bing’s Own Domain. Seems like every […] Read more »

Facebook Via – Twitter Retweet Meets Facebook Allowing Friends to Easily Share Content

Niche Facebook Ads

It was only launched last night, but I’m already seeing use of Facebook’s new share feature or “via”.  It basically allows you to share links from your friends’ posts, add your own commentary and give credit to your friend’s original post. Generally speaking I think this will go over well, due to the limited nature […] Read more »

Mobile Phones Will Serve as the Online Content Consumption Platform of Choice by 2013

wptouch wordpress theme iphone screenshot

More evidence today from Gartner that mobile phones will serve as the online content consumption platform of choice by 2013.  Is your company preparing for the shift?  It’s happening now, so get on-board. By 2013, mobile phones could easily surpass PCs as the way most people hop onto the Web. Gartner’s statistics show that the […] Read more »

Part II – How to Podcast from Your Mac (GarageBand)

This is part two in a video series on how to podcast from your Mac using GarageBand.  In this episode I walk you through the steps of recording your voice, inserting a jingle and an image, and some simple editing to create your first podcast episode.  Check out Part I: Podcasting equipment and software for […] Read more »

Facebook is More Like Google and Why Your Business Needs a FaceBook Page


In December, Facebook traffic reached 132 million unique visitors and continues to grow.  Surprisingly, most small businesses claim “our customers don’t use Facebook!”  Oh really? Traditionally, we’ve compared Facebook to Twitter and MySpace, but with its mammoth size, Facebook looks more like Google … … any comparison between Facebook and Twitter is meaningless and Facebook […] Read more »

Don’t let the pursuit of perfection hold you back from execution

I was inspired by this post from Skellie on Skelliewag.org: Have you ever spent so much time trying to do things like the experts do, to get everything right, that you found you ended up achieving nothing at all? via Skelliewag.org » Posts » The Real Reason Why You Never Did It. All too often […] Read more »

Part I – How to Podcast from Your Mac (Equipment and Software)

This is part one in a video series on how to podcast from your Mac.  In this episode I provide an overview of the equipment and software you should consider when launching a podcast. Items Mentioned in this Episode: Apple MacBook Pro Apple Snow Leopard Samson CO1U USB Studio Condenser Microphone (aff) Logitech USB Headphone […] Read more »

5 ways to leverage social media to better engage customers

engage customers with social media

Engaging customers through social media is not a trend, it is part of human nature.  People simply want to feel like they have a voice, especially when dealing with a company they do business with. This quote from  eMarketer reinforces the idea that companies marketing on social media platforms need to take this to heart […] Read more »

How to post audio directly to WordPress from iPhone

Audioboo record audio to Wordpress

Posting audio directly to WordPress from my iPhone has been a project of mine for a few weeks and I have a very good solution now that you might try. Audio is a great format to communicate with your readers for several reasons: audio blog posts are much faster to produce audio blog posts do […] Read more »