3 Lessons on Blogging this Week

Start small and get over your fear of blogging

I had a great week meeting with several clients, all of whom are new to blogging or have a blog but still have yet to find their rhythm. It is not surprising that many people think blogging is either nerve-racking, a waste of time or difficult in terms of finding something to say. Add in […] Read more »

Monetize your blog by creating and selling a digital product online

create a product to sell on your blog

Creating a digital information product is the easiest first step toward monetizing your blog.  It’s also one of the most profitable vs. advertising and affiliate marketing.  Of course there are exceptions. You may already have a good collection of content on your blog and it may just be a matter of repurposing that content and […] Read more »

Blogs are perhaps the most powerful online marketing tool available

blogging is a powerful marketing tool

This quote was too good to pass up … In other words, if you don’t have a blog, you’re missing out on perhaps the most powerful online marketing tool we have available today, regardless of whether you are focused on dominating one particular niche, or entering multiple small niches, or helping clients with their online […] Read more »

Corporate Facebook Pages Proliferate and Attract Loyal Customer Base

corporate facebook pages attract loyal customers

Corporate Facebook Pages continue to proliferate as more companies embrace the world’s largest social network and attempt to engage their market in what’s shaping up to be a very significant communications channel. Customers who became a fan of DG on Facebook ended up being more loyal. Although they spent the same amount of money per […] Read more »

Create Video Content to Engage Your Readers Online

Creating videos to engage your readers is a great tactic you should consider if you manage a blog or would like to take your online communications strategy to the next level. Publishing online video has vastly improved over the years and for a minimal investment you can easily shoot, upload and share video on the […] Read more »

Search Engine Optimization: Back to Basics

Search engine optimization is the process of implementing on-page and off-page tactics to drive search engine results placement.  In other words, the stuff you do to help your site show up on Google. Long-tail keywords refer to the combination of terms into a phrase that represents your site, your products and services, etc.  Think of […] Read more »

A popular subject – How to Podcast from your Mac

Based on the traffic, comments, and backlinks I’m seeing, my series on how to podcast from your Mac is relatively popular.  The numbers aren’t staggering but nearly 1000 visitors have come here to learn exactly how this all works. So, here’s a summary of where we are in the series and what’s next. Part I […] Read more »

Measuring ROI of Online Buzz vs. Traditional Ad Campaigns

Measuring Online Buzz ROI

No doubt, companies see the value in online buzz, but quantifying the return on investment or comparable expense vs. traditional ad campaigns has been tough for most. Nowadays, buzz around brands on the news, blogs, tweets and other social media that spreads through product launches, PR campaigns, earnings reports are as valuable as traditional ad […] Read more »

Part IV – How to Podcast from Your Mac (iWeb and iTunes)

In our last episode of How to Podcast from Your Mac with Skype I discussed how to record Skype conversations for your podcast and today I’ll show you how to publish your podcast using iWeb so that it is available on iTunes. This episode assumes you have a MobileMe account, but you can still achieve […] Read more »