How to Record and Publish a Podcast Episode from Your iPad

Mobile Podcaster | Podcast from Your iPad or iPhone and Publish on iTunes

Mobile Podcaster lets you record and publish podcast episodes from your iPad directly to WordPress and/or FTP, such as Libsyn. This is a huge time saver not only for the novice podcaster, but the experience folks out there as well. To get started, install Mobile Podcaster from the iTunes Store. When you first open the […] Read more »

How and Why to use Categories with your Podcast

One great feature of Mobile Podcaster is the ability to assign a category or multiple categories when posting your podcast to WordPress. Those of your that have been blogging on WordPress for a while know, categories are a great way to organize your content. When it comes to podcasting there is an additional benefit. You […] Read more »

Mobile Podcaster version 1.4 for iPhone & iPad Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of Mobile Podcaster version 1.4. Mobile Podcaster lets you record podcast episodes from your iPhone or iPad and publish directly to WordPress. This approach saves you significant time vs. traditional forms to podcasting because there is no need to manually edit and move audio files. Mobile Podcaster uploads the […] Read more »

Mophie Juice Pack Doubles My iPhone Battery Life


We all know how dreadful the iPhone battery life can be especially if you’re using your device to watch video and listen to podcasts and so forth. I like to use the Mophie Juice Pack, which basically doubles my iPhone battery life. Check it out! This is part of a new audio image series I’m […] Read more »

Podcasting Audio To Libsyn And WordPress From My iPhone

With the latest version of Mobile Podcaster I can publish my audio directly to Libsyn and reference the recording in my WordPress post. How cool is that? This podcast was recorded and published using Mobile Podcaster. Mobile Podcaster is an iPhone application that lets you record podcast episodes and automatically publish new blog posts to […] Read more »

File Sharing iOS Podcast Recordings between Mobile Podcaster and iTunes

Mobile Podcaster supports File Sharing, so if you have an iPod touch, iPhone with iOS 4 or later software, or an iPad, you can use iTunes to transfer files between your computer and the Mobile Podcaster app on your device. A customer recently purchased Mobile Podcaster and sent me this question … I have the Mobile Podcaster app […] Read more »

7 Free Marketing Plan Templates to Download

Time to write your new marketing plan ro update an old version? Here are 7 free marketing plan templates that provide a variety of important factors to consider. Since marketing is not a one-size-fits-all game, check out several of the templates below and craft your own. Building your marketing plan will take some time – […] Read more »