What are the best resources for a beginner of SEO ?

Q: What are the best resources for a beginner of SEO ? via Discussion: Search Engine Land | LinkedIn I recommend SEObook.com, SEOmoz.com and SearchEngineWatch.com. You can also take a professional course, such those offered at SempoInstitute.com. If you really want hands-on training, identify a niche, conduct keyword research, and build a traffic generation strategy. […] Read more »

Looking for a low-cost email marketing solution

Q: I’m driving initial leadgen operations for a European enterprise software vendor starting up in the US. I have a starter list of prospects, email copy, a landing page, and someone to create an html mailer. What I need is a low-cost way of getting the mailing out that doesn’t require me to spend a […] Read more »

Stranger things have happened …

Funny how the Internet works – you never really know what you’re going to wake up to find. In my my case it was a strange email that magically appeared in my inbox apparently from me, but alas it was not. I’m looking into it, but in the meantime enjoy this great video from Eric […] Read more »

iPhone Poised to Snap Up More Business Users?

Below is an interesting article from Fast Company on the growth of iPhone share among business users. I use both the Blackberry and iPhone for business and they each have unique strengths and weaknesses.  My gut tells me that Apple will continue to grow market share with outstanding customer service, ease-of-use, and the ever-growing app […] Read more »

Six Social Media Trends for 2010

A peak at what’s to come in 2010 from Harvard Business Publishing Forum.  No doubt, the past few years have been the discovery phase as businesses gear up to launch more substantial campaigns to leverage social media in years to come. In 2009 we saw exponential growth of social media. According to Nielsen Online, Twitter […] Read more »

Keeping Momentum in Social Media

Here’s a good article from Corporate Executive Board on the realities and best practices of executing a social media platform in your company … While many companies are enticed by social media, most struggle to sustain successful initiatives, particularly when it comes to utilizing new mediums to mobilize their workforce. Companies recognize social media’s potential […] Read more »