Part II – How to Podcast from Your Mac (GarageBand)

This is part two in a video series on how to podcast from your Mac using GarageBand.  In this episode I walk you through the steps of recording your voice, inserting a jingle and an image, and some simple editing to create your first podcast episode.  Check out Part I: Podcasting equipment and software for the Mac if you missed it.

Basic Steps to podcast from Your Mac using GarageBand include:

  1. Open GarageBand and select the Podcast template.  Name your podcast.
  2. Import artwork into the Podcast track from iPhoto or other location on you computer
  3. Highlight the Male or Female Voice tracks and hit the record button at the bottom of the control panel
  4. Hit record or play to stop the recording an rewind to review your audio
  5. Insert a jingle or other audio clip in the Jingle menu by dragging pre-built jingles from the Media Bar off to the right
  6. Adjust the timing of your audio track and the jingle by selecting the track and dragging it to the appropriate location
  7. Rewind and play to review your finished podcast.  Record new segments that you’re not happy with.
  8. Save the GarageBand project and export as you wish.
  9. To create a MP3 from GarageBand, export to iTunes and then convert in iTunes.

What do you think?  Did this work for you?  What questions do you have about how to podcast from your Mac?

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