Part IV – How to Podcast from Your Mac (iWeb and iTunes)

In our last episode of How to Podcast from Your Mac with Skype I discussed how to record Skype conversations for your podcast and today I’ll show you how to publish your podcast using iWeb so that it is available on iTunes. This episode assumes you have a MobileMe account, but you can still achieve the same results with your own domain.

Basic Steps to publish your podcast from Your Mac using iWeb include:

  1. Create your audio in Garageband and either Share with iWeb or save to a file
  2. Open a new Site in iWeb, choose a theme, and choose the Podcast template
  3. Change the name of your Site, Page, and entry to include the title of your podcast and any keywords to reflect your subject
  4. Update the podcast page title, description, and image.  This is information captured in the iTunes store for your podcast name and cover art
  5. Update the podcast episode entry title, description and image
  6. Import the audio and image for the episode (this is automatically done is you started in Garageband Share with iWeb)
  7. Open Inspector>RSS>Podcast and update the podcast series and episode author, email, parental advisory, and Publish to iTunes Store settings
  8. Update your site publishing settings to MobileMe (or other destination depending on your preference)
  9. Publish the entire site
  10. Choose File>Submit Podcast to iTunes, check settings and select Publish and Submit.
  11. To add an additional episode, create your audio in Garageband and Share with iWeb to automatically create a new entry on your site.

At this point you will get a confirmation email from Apple that your podcast submission request is being reviewed.  Within 24-48 you will get notification that it has been accepted or denied.  If accepted, Apple will provide a link to your podcast on the iTunes store, which you can begin to share immediately on your website, email, Facebook, etc.  Your podcast will begin to show up in search results on iTunes within another 24 hours.

Congratulations!  You now have a podcast on iTunes that people can subscribe to and enjoy for free!

Just getting started with podcast on your Mac?  Check out previous episodes:

What do you think?  Does this process make sense and is this an easy approach to podcast from your Mac with iWeb?  Let me know how it goes!

Please leave a comment below or on Twitter @steinarknutsen.


  • Enjoyed the content of the series, I have a Mac that I intend to use for Media only but the learning curve is a time challenge so I apreiciated the tutorials. I am doing most stuff on a PC at the present time.

    Will you be doing any more content on podcast mechanics, I would like to know how to change a host and import the shows and feed, Is it feasible to host your own show on S3 and send it into Itunes, what is a good program to be able to track stats of downloads

  • This was awesome! Thanks soooo much for the info: )

  • Thanks for the comment Russell. The process takes practice and you'll discover there are several different ways to produce and publish a podcast. I'll check into your questions and share my answers. I don't why you couldn't host your podcast on S3 as long as it's part of an iTunes formatted RSS feed.

    Most of my podcasts are powered through WordPress and I use the WP-Google-Analytics plugin to track downloads. Feedburner may also provide the ability to track downloads, but I'll have to check.

    Good questions – keep them coming!

  • Thanks Tiffany – glad you found this helpful. More to come!!

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  • Thank you for your simple, easy-to-follow directions. I was able to create my podcast in Garage Band, send it to IWeb, publish it to MobileMe. Slick, easy. No problem. I got stuck at what I thought would be the easiest step – submitting to ITunes. The first screen opened, and at the bottom of that page was a button marked “continue.” Clicked on it and immediately got a screen “the session has timed out.” I’ve tried three different times over several days, same result. Can you shed any light?

  • Steinar

    My only guess is that you may not have the latest version of iTunes. I just tried it and it worked fine. Are you using iTunes 10?

  • 10.1.1

  • Stéphane

    Hej Steinar,
    Thanks for all the info. Well done.
    A quick question for you: can WAV, MP2 or AIFF files be produced by GarageBand instead of MP3s ?

  • Not directly in Garageband, but you can export to iTunes and create and convert to MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV or Apple Lossless. Here’s a link to learn more from Apple … You can also purchase Music Man for $25 to convert to MP2 (though I’ve never tried it)

  • Stéphane

    you say i can export the file from garageband to itunes and convert it to a mp3, but is it not already in mp3 when it gets in itunes from garagaband ?

  • Yes, sorry — you do have the option to export from Garageband to iTunes as MP3. This wasn’t always the case with earlier versions of Garageband.

  • oh-by the way, I saved my audio as AAC if that matters. Stan S.

  • Stan – you’re the second person I’ve heard from with this problem.
    Are you using the latest version of iTunes? Did you completely publish your site through iWeb, so it’s actually on the web for iTunes to crawl?

    Let me know – I’d like to help.

  • SK, I was able to successfully publish my podcast on iTunes! Thanks for your help and your great article…my problem was that..I was not signed into my iTunes account! So apparently you must be already signed onto iTunes -before- the feed is posted into iTunes.

    Now that I have published my podcast via iWeb, is there any way to get statistics on my podcasts through any of my Apple products (iTunes, iWeb) on how many hits I am getting and where they are coming from? I see that you are using FeedBurner and WordPress for this. Does Apple do the same thing, or would I have to open an account with Feedburner for this. Getting my stats is very important for me as we hope to attract advertisers/supporters to our podcast. Thanks for all your help! Stan S.

  • Glad it’s working! You can install Google Analytics using an HTML block in iWeb. You can probably find a tutorial for this on YouTube.


  • Would Google Analytics in iWeb track how many subscribers i have on iTunes? If not, is there something that can do that for me? Thank you very much. Stan S.

  • Sorry, I’m not aware of any way to specifically track the # of iTunes subscribers.

  • Bradie

    Steiner, my Podcast page is not showing all of my Episodes. I have 10 total and the Podcast page only shows 5. The other five are listed in Archives, but I would like them on my Podcast page. Any ideas?

  • In iWeb, click on the Podcast Page, Open Inspector to the Blog & Podcast Settings and change to 10 (or more). That should do the trick.

  • Bradie

    Thank you Steinar, that did the trick! One more quick question – when I submitted my audio podcast to iTunes, only the first 5 episodes were on my podcast page, the others were in archive. Will I, or should I, now resubmit my podcast since all 10 episodes are visible on my podcast page?

  • No need to resubmit. Just wait a few days and iTunes will adjust itself after it reindexes your site.


    … Sent from my iPhone

  • Shari

    MobileMe used to provide data transfer statistics so you could fairly accurately estimate the total number of people who were listening from your site AND downloading directly to their computer. Beginning July, 2010, MobileMe stopped providing data transfer information. Do you have any suggestions about how I can get that information so I can estimate how many people are listening?

  • Hey Shari – check out item #6 in this post for some ideas on how to glue together Feedburner and Google Analytics to get some stats for you podcast… I haven’t personally tried this but it’s seems logical.