Please Don’t Complain to Me About Facebook’s Data Use Policy

Use your Facebook account to Sign in on other WebsitesI got an email today from a visitor on my site who was concerned about my Aweber email newsletter sign up form.  Aweber uses the Facebook API to detect if you are signed into Facebook, and if you are it preloads the form with your email address.  It also indicates your number of friends.

Facebook’s integration into Aweber provides no additional information to me about you.  In fact, there’s really no benefit to me other than it makes it easier for you to fill out my newsletter signup form.

The Facebook API is used by millions of sites to access your Facebook information in one way or another.  Facebook has a bunch of Social Plugins to facilitate this and they are free to use by anyone.

I understand that it may seem like an invasion of privacy to see your Facebook information and stats on 3rd party sites, but Facebook has made the details of how they can use your data pretty clear.

It’s not my job to justify their platform or defend their policies. As a member of Facebook it’s your responsibility to understand that stuff.  If you want to learn more about how Facebook uses your data you can contact Facebook with your Privacy Concern or read the Facebook  Data Use Policy.

Facebook Data Use Policy

Information we receive and how it is used.  Learn about the types of information we receive, and how that information is used.

via Data Use Policy.

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