Podcasting 101: Realities of Creating and Editing your First Podcast Episode

editing your podcastThis is the second in a series of podcast episodes I’m doing with Mike Bisceglia from Cvillepodcast.com to help educate businesses on the realities and benefits of podcasting.  In our first episode we talked about the basics of podcasting, including recording, editing, publishing and promotion.

In this episode Mike and I discuss a few applications to record and edit your podcast.

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Producing and editing your podcast can seem daunting at first.  You may not feel comfortable putting your voice out there, but with practice and the right tools this may be overcome with time.  Editing can be a rather technical process as well, so be prepared to either learn how to do it your self or hire someone to help.

Here are two great podcasting tools to get you on the right path:

1) GarageBand for the Mac.  This audio software comes with every Mac and provides professional level editing tools to capture, enhance and out put your recording as an MP3.

2) Audacity for both Mac and Windows.  Audacity has been around for years and is an excellent, free application to record and edit your podcast.

Feel free to contact me or email Mike Bisceglia at cvillepodcast@gmail.com for more information!

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  • BonnieB23

    Good work! Thanks for doing this, Steinar! Your series of directions for creating your own podcast is priceless! I am going to do one right this minute! You are inspiring! You make it sound so normal to practice and become comfortable with the idea of podcasting.

  • Thanks Bonnie – You have the tools and I know you can do it! Have fun with it and I’m sure your listeners will appreciate your knowledge. Can’t wait to listen!