Podcasting 101: Tips To Create Your Own Podcast

This is the first in a series of podcast episodes I’m doing with Mike Bisceglia from Cvillepodcast.com to help educate businesses on the realities and benefits of podcasting.

As you know, podcasting is a great channel to leverage the 100 million+ Apple devices out there not to mention the millions of other devices capable of subscribing and listening to your show.

In this episode we lay the groundwork with some basic tips and essential tools you can use to create your own podcast! Want to have your own show? We’ll discuss options to do-it-yourself or work with Mike in the radio production studio for a professional recording, editing and publishing experience.

Feel free to contact me or email Mike Bisceglia at cvillepodcast@gmail.com for more information!

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P.S. – It took some real guts to include this picture of me wearing that awful headset 🙂

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