Posterous makes social media and content sharing simple

Posterous is my new favorite online publishing tool. It’s a single place to add blog posts and feed them to other networks that make up my social and professional networks. Quite simply, it makes my life easier by turning a single post into a stream of content I can share across multiple platforms.

For example, this morning I found an interesting article on Advertising Age. Rather than post a link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendfeed, Delicious, and my blog independently, I made one blog post and Posterous automatically created a post or ink on all of these platforms at once.

Some might say that this approach depersonalizes the interaction of social media. To the contrary, this actually increases my interaction. On the back-end, I use Google Reader and Tweetdeck to monitor my friends’ activity on these sights and engage in conversation. Posterous allows me to quickly and effectiveness get the conversation going where my friends hang out – not where I happen to be at the time.

Posterous is not the only tool of its kind. is also popular and there are a number of tools that you can fit together to achieve the same result. I used to use Friendfeed in a similar manner but find Posterous better at managing the flow of content.

If you haven’t already, check out Posterous for yourself at Special thanks to Jim Duncan ( for the tip!

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