Repurposing existing content for an additional boost to your online marketing and communications strategy

repurpose existing contentIf you’re creating online content for your business, at some point it may make sense to repurpose existing content for an additional boost to your online marketing & communications strategy.

For example, let’s say you’re an avid blogger.  Chances are you have a series to posts that can be organized in a fashion that somewhat resembles a short novel.  Heck, even if it’s just five posts on a niche subject, surely it’s meaningful to package those posts together into one coherent piece of work.

Why?  Because packaging your content helps readers consume it more easily and the easier it is for your customers and prospects to consume your content, the better.

Repurposing existing content also give you the opportunity to share your best work in a new and different way.  It may look the same to you, but for your readers it somehow seems fresh.  Let’s take a look at how this might work …

3 great ways to repurpose existing content

1. Create an ebook.  This is so simple and requires no additional software.  Simply copy and paste your blog posts into your favorite word processing program, such as MS Word or Apple Pages.  Spend a little time organizing the content, creating a table of contents, building a title page, and updating the content to reflect any changes in your original work.

Paginate, add some simple headers and footers and print it out as a PDF.  Apple Pages has PDF output capabilities built in.  If you’re using MS Word you’ll need to use one of the dozens of free PDF creator apps or online tools.  Now, upload the PDF to your website or email it to all your friends and fans.  Easy, you’ve just created an ebook.  Now go create another one!

2. Create a real book. If you’re in the business of meeting face-to-face with clients, it might make sense to make an actual printed soft bound or spiral book from your content.

This could be as simple as printing out your content and stapling it together; a quick visit to your local print shop where they can bind your pages for you; or using a site like which allows you to upload your content and create a true piece of work.  I’ve seen some of these LuLu books and they’re as nice as anything your would find at the local bookstore.

Think about how great it would be to greet new clients with a copy of your latest book!!!

3. Create video or audio. Text is great, but what’s even better is when you take your blog posts and create a cool video or audio to compliment your content.

For example, open the audio recording app on your computer (MS Recorder or Apple Garageband), hit record, and read your blog post out load.  Add some color to your text or some variation to the original piece for interest.  Post the audio along with your blog post or start a podcast on iTunes.  Maybe forward the audio to one of your clients in an email and see their reaction.

A better approach would be to record a video of the content.  This could go two of several ways: 1) turn the video into a presentation (PowerPoint or KeyNote) and record the presentation with voiceover, or 2) an easier method would be to use your webcam and speak into the video camera while reading the content.

This takes practice and I recommend you learn the content so as not to actually read the words off a page.  Once complete, submit your video to TubeMogul and share with YouTube and other popular sharing sites.  Include a copy in your blog and your Facebook Page.


So, there are three pretty straightforward methods of repurposing existing content to market your business online.

What do your think?  Is it worth the effort to repurpose existing content?  Have you tried this?  What’s the results?

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