Search and Email Still Powerful Channels for Online Marketing

Most of the hype over the past few years has been focussed on social media, and rightly so.  In many cases, social media is a preferred communication channel over other forms on online marketing, but the fact remains that search and email are still among the most popular online activities and should still be considered valuable components of the marketing mix.

Search and email remain the two online activities that are nearly universal among adult internet users, as 92% of online adults use search engines to find information on the Web, and a similar number (92%) use email …

… Today, roughly six in ten online adults engage in each of these activities on a typical day; in 2002, 49% of online adults used email each day, while just 29% used a search engine daily.

via Search and Email Still the Most Popular Online Activities – Pew Research Center.

Search and email usage statistics as marketing channels

There are a several tactics to leverage search and email activity to drive eyeballs to your website.  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Implement a Search Engine Optimization strategy on your website.  This doesn’t have to be rocket science, but understanding the basics of SEO and doing a little bit everyday can drive a significant spike in traffic.
  2. Write content on your website that answers your potential customers’ most pressing questions.  What are the top 7 questions people always ask you and what are the top7 questions they should be asking you.  Write helpful blog posts that address those questions and you’ll attract a growing audience.
  3. Use a newsletter subscription service such as Aweber so that readers can subscribe to your blog via email.  The fact is, most folks don’t really understand how to subscribe to your RSS feed and email is just more convenient.
  4. Leverage the direct messaging capabilities of social media sites to send email to your followers.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube all provide you with this functionality to communicate privately, 1:1 via email.
What do you think?  Are search and email still powerful marketing tools?

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