Skitch Image Capture: #7 Essential Online Marketing Tool for 2012

What is Skitch?

skitch image capture for MacSkitch is  Mac desktop and Android mobile image editing tool that lets you grab, annotate, edit and share your screenshots and images fast.  Skitch revolutionizes basic image editing tasks, delivering a quick and easy tool that offers most image editing features you’ll use day to day.

  • Screenshots are easy: Skitch makes grabbing a screenshot a mouse click or keyboard command away. Crosshairs Snap, Fullscreen Snap or a Frame Snap made easy
  • Image indexing: every image you edit in Skitch is saved within the program so you can easily browse through anything you’ve previously created.
  • Upload to your own site: using Skitch, you can also directly upload any picture to any web server via FTP.

Key Features

  • Image resizing: Open an image or drag one directly into Skitch.
  • Image cropping: drag any point of the image in the direction you want for a quick crop.
  • Text or drawings: type, use your mouse or even a graphics tablet to quickly add anything to an image.
  • Webcam shot: if you’ve got a webcam, you can use Skitch to take shots with it.
  • Share on Twitter: any image hosted on Skitch is a shortcut away from a Twitter post.

Why do I need Skitch?
Besides being completely free, it’s the range of features Skitch offers quickly and simply. It’s not a Photoshop replacement (I still use Photoshop on occasion) nor does it pretend to be. What Skitch offers is 95% of every image editing function I use on a daily basis without the bloat of Photoshop so image handling is that much quicker.

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