Social Media Starters Guide

Following are the essential steps to get you started with social media implementation. This is not intended to be a complete guide but rather a roadmap to identify the initial steps in the implementation process.


This assumes you have already committed to social media as an organization and have mapped out your strategy. If that’s not the case, check out the Social Media Blueprint first.

social media starters guide


These are the platforms that establish the essential building blocks of your online marketing and social media presence. At a bare minimum you’ll need a blog. If you’re really tight on time and resources, you could probably choose either Twitter or Facebook, instead of tackling both at once.

YouTube is critical today because of the popularity of video and the fact that Google owns YouTube. Video is a great way to differentiate your business and gain massive traffic. Google Analytics allows you to track everything on the backend and measure your performance for improvement and insights into the market.

1. Start a WordPress Blog at (preferably if you can)

  • Write 10 blog posts over the course of 60 days
  • 5 questions customers always ask you
  • 5 questions customers should ask you
  • Include a clear call to action in your sidebar (e.g., call me now, email me, etc)

2. Setup a Facebook Page at

  • Like other local and industry companies and comment; like & share their posts
  • Post links to your blog posts and other relevant content
  • Post something new at least 1X per day

3. Setup a Twitter account at

  • Find other local and/or industry people with; reply to and retweet their posts
  • Post links to your blog posts and other relevant content
  • Post something new at least 5X per day

4. Setup a YouTube account at

  • Post a new video 1X per month that teaches your customers something
  • Post your video to your blog, Facebook and Twitter

5. Setup a Google Analytics account at

  • Track traffic sources and keywords to see how people found your site
  • Track popular pages to see what content people are reading
  • Use this information to adjust your content distribution strategy


These are second tier platforms that expand your reach and impact in the market.

6. Setup a Google Plus account at (for advanced online users)

  • Create a personal profile and business page to connect with people
  • +1 content from your blog; comment, +1 and share other people’s content
  • Post something new at least 3X per week

7. Setup a LinkedIn Group at (for B2B)

  • Focus on a subject within your industry to attract partners and customers
  • Post new questions and helpful resources, such as links to your blog posts
  • Post something new at least 1X per week

8. Setup a Pinterest account at (for image heavy businesses)

  • Setup 3 – 5 pin boards in your niche and geography
  • Post several pictures to your blog and then pin those pictures to Pinterest
  • Re-Pin, Like and comment on other pins to build community
  • Post something new at least 1X per day and share on Facebook and Twitter.Social Media Schedule

This is a template of potential activities you might perform in a given day, week or month. Please create your own copy that makes sense for your schedule and business.

social media schedule

Hope you found this helpful!

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  • Adam Lee


    After some time, I have finally realized the importance of having a social media platform. For years I’ve had different social media accounts, but did little more than neglect them. I purchased and read two highly recommended books on the subject, both of which I enjoyed. Although they excited me, I couldn’t help be feel overwhelmed as well.

    Eventually I met with a social media specialist. She helped narrow my focus as to what I should focus on, very similar to your recommendations. One thing that most overwhelmed me was implementing a system, or schedule, for social media. She provided me with something she uses, but it still left me with some ambiguity, so I did a Google image search for “social media schedule template”. That is when I found an image of yours: simple, straight-forward, and specific. I followed the link which lead me to this post. I listened to your podcast. For lack of a better vocabulary, great stuff, Steiner! I’m excited to implement these strategies with a greater, narrower focus than ever before. Thank you so much!

  • I am glad you found this helpful. Good luck!