Starbucks Gears Up for Holiday Social-Media Push

Starbucks is no stranger to social media and this holiday season they’ll continue to invest in their strategy to engage with customers online.

It’s like we’ve taken the version 1.0 of last year and now we’re really doing it at scale and going to a lot more places where our customers already are,” said Chris Bruzzo, VP-brand, content and online at Starbucks. “People are saying this is going to be a big year for social media and we’re a microcosm of that. Whereas last year it was a curiosity, this year it’s a core part of the program.

via Advertising: Starbucks Readies Big Holiday Social-Media Push – Advertising Age – News.

One of their most successful social media (or crowdsourcing) initiatives has been  Here customers can register to share their ideas for new products and services.  Users then score each other’s ideas and the best rise to the top.

Starbucks managment does a great job monitoring the site and is quick to identify ideas that show commercialization.  Some examples include the Gold Card, more free Wi-Fi, extended breakfast food options, and those little green dipsticks that keep your coffee from spilling.  If you haven’t already, check it out.

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