4 ways to use Google Reader to track your industry, engage your market and monitor your brand

Google Reader to monitor your brand image

As many know, Google Reader is one of my favorite tools to help establish yourself as a market leader online.  In this audio post I discuss the 4 ways Google Reader can help you track your industry, engage your market and monitor your brand. Listen or Download Four advantages of Google Reader Ability to track […] Read more »

Corporate social media strategy to drive customer engagement

Engaging customers online through social media is a hot topic these days and for good reason.  Twitter just passed the 75 million mark and Facebook continues to add 10’s of thousands of users each month.  Thanks to my friend Steve Gaines for tweeting this story from eMarketer: Most marketers say they are at least “prepared […] Read more »

5 ways to leverage social media to better engage customers

engage customers with social media

Engaging customers through social media is not a trend, it is part of human nature.  People simply want to feel like they have a voice, especially when dealing with a company they do business with. This quote from  eMarketer reinforces the idea that companies marketing on social media platforms need to take this to heart […] Read more »