3 Lessons on Blogging this Week

Start small and get over your fear of blogging

I had a great week meeting with several clients, all of whom are new to blogging or have a blog but still have yet to find their rhythm. It is not surprising that many people think blogging is either nerve-racking, a waste of time or difficult in terms of finding something to say. Add in […] Read more »

Publish audio to WordPress post with iPhone via email (Audio)

This is a follow up to my previous post in which I surface a series of questions to consider when publishing audio to your blog or website. Publish Audio to Wordpres with iPhone UPDATE: Here are full details on How to post audio directly to WordPress from iPhone In this audio post I describe how […] Read more »

9 Ways to Find New Content Ideas for Your Blog, Podcast or Videos

Searching for new content ideas for your blog, podcast or videos?  I just listened to a great podcast from Jason Van Orden and here are my notes and personal comments. First, set up a capture system to catch ideas when they happen. MindMap – I use http://bubbl.us/ which is a great free online tool for […] Read more »

Get Over It and Start Blogging (Audio)

The most common question I get from business people is “What should I blog about?”.  In this audio post I’ll talk about tactics to overcome your fear of blogging and how to leverage audio to create a library of ideas. What Should I Blog About? How do you come up with topics to blog about?  […] Read more »

Does Audio or Video Really Engage Blog Readers? (Audio)

In this audio post I discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using audio and video on your blog. 003-audio-versus-video.mp3 Advantages of Audio Blogging •    Quicker to record and post •    Fewer tools required •    Faster download •    Greater reach with MP3 players Advantages of Video Blogging •    Great to put a face with your name […] Read more »

Drive More Traffic to Your Blog and Engage Readers (Audio)

In this audio post I’ll touch on a few techniques to drive more traffic to your blog and engage readers in a more meaningful way. 002-more-blog-followers.mp3 Topics Covered: • Creating unique and compelling content • Search Engine Optimization and long-tail keywords • Commenting on third-party websites • Leveraging Social Media How are you attracting more […] Read more »