7 Key Questions to Ask Yourself as a Business Owner


I met with a couple of seasoned business managers today to discuss business strategy and marketing plans to support long term growth. On the surface it mostly boiled down to a series of questions that we as business owners must all ask ourselves. 7 Key questions to ask yourself as a business owner What differentiates […] Read more »

10 Keys to Successful Local Business Social Media Marketing

local business social media marketing

Building a successful local business social media marketing strategy takes time.  There’s no silver bullet.  Anyone who’s been doing this for a while will agree. Of course, there are tools, processes, and steps to make it easier, but at the end of the day the point of social media is to authentically engage with people […] Read more »

Get Over It and Start Blogging (Audio)

The most common question I get from business people is “What should I blog about?”.  In this audio post I’ll talk about tactics to overcome your fear of blogging and how to leverage audio to create a library of ideas. What Should I Blog About? How do you come up with topics to blog about?  […] Read more »

Use Twitter and Facebook to Market and Grow Your Business (Video)

Twitter and Facebook can help grow your business online. These are the two most popular social media marketing networks and if use appropriately you can effectively find and engage customers in conversation. Maybe you want to provide customer support or communicate new offers in a timely basis. The key is these platforms offer a place […] Read more »