Year-to-Date Blog Traffic Sources Analysis Illustrates Content Distribution Strategy

traffic sources google analytics

I check Google Analytics a lot … probably more than most people … like a couple times a day.  It facinates me to see where traffic is coming from and what people are searching for on Google that drives them to my site(s). My website traffic analyses are typically very in-depth, however I just wanted […] Read more »

Leveraging events to drive SEO traffic to your blog (Audio)

Listen or Download Upcoming events are a great opportunity for you to leverage keywords related to that event and drive SEO traffic to your blog. If you can, research an event within your niche and identify 2-3 long-tail keyword phrases that a potential reader might use to search for information on Google.  Write a few […] Read more »

How to Start an Effective Blog for Free (Video)

Blogging is a great way to create original content, engage with customers and find new prospects for your business, yet many business people still have yet to make the leap. In this video I discuss six essentials to start an effective blog for free. The myth is that blogging is difficult and expensive when in […] Read more »