Improving the Email Sign Up Process

Improving the Email Sign Up Process

The email sign-up process is the first of many steps along the customer journey—an opportunity for would-be customers to connect with your brand. As with any new relationship, whether it’s a first date, a job interview or a new neighbor, first impressions matter, and it’s essential to start things off right. As the starting point […] Read more »

Can I Really Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing?


The fact is that 100,000’s of purchases take place online everyday. Many companies, both big & small are competing for that business and need help driving traffic to their online stores. They use offline promotions, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is great for online merchants because for only […] Read more »

Looking for a low-cost email marketing solution

Q: I’m driving initial leadgen operations for a European enterprise software vendor starting up in the US. I have a starter list of prospects, email copy, a landing page, and someone to create an html mailer. What I need is a low-cost way of getting the mailing out that doesn’t require me to spend a […] Read more »