How to properly use Facebook as a business and network with other businesses

Facebook for business

By now your business probably has a business Facebook Page.  The question is “what do I do with my Facebook Page?”, “how will my Facebook Page help me grow my business?” and “how can I network with other businesses on Facebook?” The key for most businesses is that you need to login to Facebook as […] Read more »

How to share photos on your Facebook Page Wall

Now that you have a Facebook Page and your business is ready to start sharing content with your fans, I recommend you consider pictures, photos, and other graphics in your status updates. These items are filtered with greater preference by Facebook on your fans’ news feed. In other words, they are given priority over text […] Read more »

How to post status updates to your Facebook Page

You have a Facebook Page for your business and now it’s time to post a status update. It’s seems rather straightforward but there are some strategies to make the most from this important process. For most people status updates are at the heart of communicating on Facebook so you want to understand how to do […] Read more »

How to login and use Facebook as a Page

Using Facebook as a Page is a powerful alternative to the traditional login, in that it allows you to comment and post on other business Pages as a Page, rather than as an individual. To switch to Page mode, simply click on Account in the upper right hand corner and choose “Use Facebook as a […] Read more »

Social Media for Business and Sporting Events Marketing

In this video, I join Jim Harshaw of Riot Sports Marketing to discuss the impact that social media is having on event marketing, specifically within sports. Much of these lessons also translate well to business events. Some key points to highlight: Twitter allows people to engage in a live event in real-time.  This is especially […] Read more »

Corporate Facebook Pages Proliferate and Attract Loyal Customer Base

corporate facebook pages attract loyal customers

Corporate Facebook Pages continue to proliferate as more companies embrace the world’s largest social network and attempt to engage their market in what’s shaping up to be a very significant communications channel. Customers who became a fan of DG on Facebook ended up being more loyal. Although they spent the same amount of money per […] Read more »

Facebook is More Like Google and Why Your Business Needs a FaceBook Page

In December, Facebook traffic reached 132 million unique visitors and continues to grow.  Surprisingly, most small businesses claim “our customers don’t use Facebook!”  Oh really? Traditionally, we’ve compared Facebook to Twitter and MySpace, but with its mammoth size, Facebook looks more like Google … … any comparison between Facebook and Twitter is meaningless and Facebook […] Read more »

Why Would I Want a Facebook Page for my Business?

Facebook also has two unique sections that are of particular interest to businesses and organizations. One is Facebook Ads, a Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising network that serves ads to users based on their biographical listing information. The second is Facebook Pages, a place for users to create a separate profile page for their business, organization or […] Read more »