How to properly use Facebook as a business and network with other businesses

Facebook for business

By now your business probably has a business Facebook Page.  The question is “what do I do with my Facebook Page?”, “how will my Facebook Page help me grow my business?” and “how can I network with other businesses on Facebook?” The key for most businesses is that you need to login to Facebook as […] Read more »

Differentiate Yourself And Your Business For Online Market Leadership

Differentiate Yourself And Your Business For Market Leadership - YouTube

I’ve been thinking a lot about online market leadership lately and what businesses can do to differentiate themselves online. You see, it’s so crowded on Twitter and Facebook and blogs these days that it’s tough sometimes to stand out from the crowd. How do I differentiate myself and my business? Personally, it’s all about pushing […] Read more »

Age distribution by social networking site platform

age distribution by social media site platform

A recent white paper from the Pew Research Center illustrates the subtle differences in age distribution by social networking site platform, including MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other. Here are a few takeaways: Not terribly surprised that MySpace is mostly comprised of younger users, given the timing of MySpace’s popularity prior to the broader explosion […] Read more »

Free Download – Internet Marketing Primer

I wrote this guide to help people understand the basic tools Internet Marketers are using today.  I meet so many business people that need a simple introduction to the basics so they can get started. What’s Covered? Blogging – overcoming writer’s block,  establishing rythym, WordPress, Blogger and other tools Twitter – how to use a […] Read more »