How I use Google Analytics on a Daily Basis

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool that I use pretty much everyday to track visitor activity and behavior. Specifically, I’m looking at # of visitors, bounce rate, popular content and traffic source. My goal is to discover: What content is driving traffic and how are visitors finding this content What keywords are driving the “best” […] Read more »

30DTC – Commenting on Other Blogs to Drive Traffic to My Website

It’s day two of my 30 Day Traffic Challenge and today I am going to embark on one of my favorite tactics for driving traffic which is commenting on other blogs. Commenting on other blogs has several implications for driving traffic.First, commenting on other blog posts get you involved in the conversation. It allows people […] Read more »

Current Website Unique Visitors and 30 Day Traffic Challenge Goal

The intention of this post is to establish the unique visitor traffic baseline for my 30 Day Traffic Challenge.  Since this is about traffic, I turned to Google Analytics to see if I could easily determine an appropriate timeframe with which to compare my future performance. It would be easy to use a monthly average […] Read more »

How to properly tag your images for search engine optimization

images for search engine optimization

Tagging your images for search engine optimization is a great tactic to drive more targeted traffic to your site. If your site is being indexed by Google, chances are your images will be indexed as well. I suggest you sign up for Google Webmaster Tools (free) just to make sure Google know you want your […] Read more »

My favorite WordPress plugins when setting up a new blog

This is a list of my favorite WordPress plugins when setting up a new blog.  It’s not all inclusive, but a good place to start if you want search engine optimization, social media integration, mobile friendly interface, audio & video podcasting, Google Analytics, Google sitemap, navigation control, and spam security. Links to these WordPress plugins: […] Read more »