How to FTP Upload Your Podcast Episode to Libsyn from Your iPhone with Mobile Podcaster

Podcasting with Mobile Podcaster is even better now with version 1.4, which allows you to upload your podcast episodes to Libsyn via FTP. You may also upload via FTP to any other FTP accounts you have access to, but in this post we’ll specifically address Libsyn. Why Should I Host My Podcast Recordings on Libsyn? […] Read more »

Fix iPad or iPhone App Stuck on Waiting During Download & Install

This is not a common problem, but if you’re trying to install an iOS app and it gets stuck “Waiting…” without any of the progress bars moving, downloading, or installing, you can fix this fairly easily. Here are a few options to fix this problem … Tap the app icon so that it says “Paused” […] Read more »

How to Create a Podcast on Your iPad with Mobile Podcaster

There are several ways to podcast on your iPad but only one that let’s you actually upload your recording to your website in a format that is suitable for submission to iTunes. Mobile Podcaster is that app. In this video I show you how to record and publish your podcast episode to your WordPress site. […] Read more »

iOS Podcast Publishing with Mobile Podcaster v1.1

The latest version of Mobile Podcaster is now available in the iTunes App Store. This version includes a mix of user interface and functionality enhancements to make it easier to record you podcast on your iPhone or iPad and publish directly to WordPress. 1. Stop and Pause Button with Recording and Playback The audio recording and […] Read more »

Podcasting on my iPad with the Samson CO1U USB Condenser Microphone and Camera Connection Kit Podcasting directly into your iPad mic is great but some people may prefer better quality audio. In this episode I demonstrate podcasting with the Samson CO1U Condenser Microphone and the iPad Camera Connection Kit via Mobile Podcaster. If you’re having trouble with your recording volume, I recommend you install Garageband for iPad ($5) and […] Read more »

How to Podcast with Garageband and Publish on iTunes

How to Podcast with Garageband and Publish on iTunes by Steinar Knutsen

In this course, I show you exactly How to Podcast with Garageband and Publish on iTunes. This is great because listeners may now listen to your podcast on your WordPress blog and subscribe to your podcast on iTunes. The lectures are recorded with professional video screen capture software, so it feels like you’re sitting right […] Read more »

Podcasting 101: Realities of Creating and Editing your First Podcast Episode

editing your podcast

This is the second in a series of podcast episodes I’m doing with Mike Bisceglia from to help educate businesses on the realities and benefits of podcasting.  In our first episode we talked about the basics of podcasting, including recording, editing, publishing and promotion. In this episode Mike and I discuss a few applications […] Read more »

Podcasting 101: Tips To Create Your Own Podcast

This is the first in a series of podcast episodes I’m doing with Mike Bisceglia from to help educate businesses on the realities and benefits of podcasting. As you know, podcasting is a great channel to leverage the 100 million+ Apple devices out there not to mention the millions of other devices capable of […] Read more »

Podcasting Equipment and Tools

In this video we’ll discuss podcasting equipment and tools, including microphones, headphones, devices and software to record, edit, publish and promote your podcast. What’s most exciting is the variety of tools that are available – you can go simple with just a smart phone and publish without editing or high-end with professional sound equipment and […] Read more »