iPhone 4S and Siri Impact on Productivity

Apple 4S Siri scheduling calendar item

Last week Apple launched their latest phone, the iPhone 4S. Included with this phone came some amazing software called Siri. I’m using Siri right now to write this blog. The technology behind Siri is nothing new. The system is powered by a popular dictation software company called new Nuance. Nuance produces great software for the […] Read more »

My fist QR Code – scan this into your phone

If you’re not familiar with QR codes, they are an increasingly popular method of sharing information similar to a bar code. Users with a smartphone can focus their camera on this code and the QR code software will save the information behind the code on their phone. In this case, it’s my URL, but it […] Read more »

Mac Custom Human Finger Mouse Cursor for iPad and iPhone Simulator Screencasts and Tutorials

Have a new iPad or iPhone app you want to demo?  You probably want this Mac custom human finger mouse cursor app that offers a great solution for screencasts and tutorials using the iPad/iPhone Simulator. PhoneFinger transforms your Mac’s mouse cursor into a realistic simulated human finger for testing and demoing iPad applications and websites. […] Read more »

How to post audio directly to WordPress from iPhone

Audioboo record audio to Wordpress

Posting audio directly to WordPress from my iPhone has been a project of mine for a few weeks and I have a very good solution now that you might try. Audio is a great format to communicate with your readers for several reasons: audio blog posts are much faster to produce audio blog posts do […] Read more »

Don’t Stop, Don’t Think, Don’t Edit


2010 is off to a running start and we all have goals we want to achieve this year at some level.  Typically, my first advice is to write your goals down.  It is such a simple thing that most people take for granted, yet it is so effective. But then what?  How do you get […] Read more »

How to start a podcast quickly, easily and without spending a fortune

Samson CO1U USB Condenser Microphone

Starting a podcast is easier than ever these days.  You can use some of the free tools that come with virtually every computer these days or make a few modest purchases to improve the quality of your podcast.  I recommend you focus on content creation before buying a bunch of unnecessary equipment. Here’s are some […] Read more »