Improve Productivity with the iPad – More Focus, Less Multi-Tasking

improve productivity ipad

With the upcoming iPad release, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how exactly I could use the new device in my daily routine.  I already have an iMac, MacBook Pro and iPhone, so the questions for me as a business owner is will the iPad help improve productivity? Many have criticized the iPad for […] Read more »

The opportunity cost of obsessing over web design vs. consistent content creation (Audio)

Listen or Download In this audio I post I discuss the challenge of managing multiple day-to-day responsibilities vs. the opportunity to create unique and compelling content for your readers.  The realty is that created content should be your #1 priority in terms of Internet Marketing.  Everything else is secondary – not becuase it’s not important, […] Read more »

Increase Your Social Media Efficiency (Video)

Social media is more popular than ever and serves as a valuable channel for people and companies to connect and engage online. As we learn the power of these tools, we often get overwhelmed with the thought of visiting each individual site to update our followers and engage in conversation on a regular basis. Worse, […] Read more »

Leverage Online Video to Engage Readers, Drive Website Traffic and Differentiate Your Business (Video)

YouTube has been around for years and is without question one of the best video sharing sites. Getting your video message online is a terrific method of engaging readers, driving traffic to your website, and differentiating your business. It takes practice but the payoff can be significant. Topic Covered: Test and gain confidence (It’s all […] Read more »