Social Media Marketing for Affiliate Marketing

social media marketing for affiliate marketing

Social media has taken the online world by storm. I don’t need to explain the popularity of Facebook and Twitter. We know that these platforms are the goto place to consume content, connect with others and build relationships. It’s also where we go to get others’ opinions and learn about what’s new. As such, social […] Read more »

8 Step Social Media Blueprint

social media business strategy blueprint

Something that’s been on my mind lately is the number of questions I get about social media … specifically, how to build and execute an effective social media strategy. I can definitely relate – social media is not “easy” and, like most initiatives, it takes time, resources and commitment to execute well. I assume by […] Read more »

Q&A: Why I follow brands on Social Media platforms

social media brand marketing

If your company is considering social media as a platform to connect with you market, you should take some time to examine the opportunity from your customers’ perspective. It may seem natural to categorize your readers as either customers or prospects but in many cases your brand may mean something more based on a number […] Read more »

How to properly use Facebook as a business and network with other businesses

Facebook for business

By now your business probably has a business Facebook Page.  The question is “what do I do with my Facebook Page?”, “how will my Facebook Page help me grow my business?” and “how can I network with other businesses on Facebook?” The key for most businesses is that you need to login to Facebook as […] Read more »

LinkedIn is Top Social Media Channel for B2B Marketers

linkedin b2b marketing channel

LinkedIn is the smallest and oldest of the big 5 social media platforms, yet is surprisingly the preferred social media marketing channel among B2B marketers according to a recent study by Safefrog Marketing Greoup. Survey respondents often cite LinkedIn as the top social media site for B2B marketers, but others put Facebook and Twitter above […] Read more »

The Advantages of Using Google Plus for Business

google plus for business

I really like Google Plus.  It’s similar enough to Facebook and a little like Twitter but delivers a much cleaner layout and some terrific features that I’m finding very useful. Listen or Download Here are 3 Advantages of Using Plus for Business (vs. Facebook and Twitter) Google Hangouts is a fantastic new way to conduct […] Read more »

How Can Social Media Benefit You as a Business Owner?

social media fish for business owners

A recent Nielsen survey showed that globally people spent an average of more than five and a half hours per month on social networking sites in December 2010, an 82% increase year-over-year. For business owners, Social Media is important for several reasons.  One, social media enables companies to connect with their target market, either locally […] Read more »

Define Your Company’s Social Media Strategic Business Objectives Prior to Making a Significant Investment

social media strategic business objectives

Defining your company’s social media strategic business objectives prior to making a significant investment is good sense.  Like any marketing initiative, you should define what success will look like before jumping off the deep end. Because social media is so broad and potentially resource intensive this is especially true.  The fact is, a universally accepted […] Read more »